Season’s Greeting From SpankMusic

Welcome to the month of DECEMBER. This will be a month of joy, wealth, peace and happiness for you and your family/friends. Spankmusic has provided few text that you can send to wish each other a wonderful month.

  1.  I wish this December, God surprises and blesses you with whatever your heart desires. May God never stop surprising you. Happy December!
  2. May the Lord listen to your cry, He shall vindicate you, you shall rise among your peers and in your family house. He shall be your rock, fortress and deliverer in this month.
  3. As it is the last month of the year, every embargo of the devil placed upon you shall be destroyed in Jesus name. Happy new month.
  4. May this last month of the year become one of the most blessed and happy Month for you. Happy new month.
  5. It’s December! May the bad happenings that come with the last month, not come near you and yours. Happy December!